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Participating in the TACT trial offers many potential benefits including:

  • Short procedure & recovery time

    Treatment is completed in 1 day within hours

  • Personalized treatment plan

    To each prostate shape and size

  • Real-time MRI guidance during the prostate ablation

    Ensures that the ultrasound thermal energy is delivered safely

  • Protection of surrounding anatomy

    Heating of the prostate from the urethra towards the prostate boundary (inside-out), protects the rectal wall & other adjacent critical structures

  • Accuracy & precision

    TULSA provides precise prostate ablation to ± 1.3 mm

TULSA-PRO® Phase 1 Trial

30 patients participated in the TULSA-PRO® Phase 1 study that took place in Canada, Germany and USA. Trial results were published in 2016 and showed TULSA-PRO® to be safe, feasible, well tolerated and justified for further study in a larger population.

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Dr. Chin and world’s first TULSA-PRO ™ patient

“Everything has returned to normal and in some cases is better that what it has been for five years.”

 – TULSA Patient